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    Accountancy Students Grab Another Academic Awards

    Once again, the University of the Visayas, Accountancy second year students have exhibited excellence during the Cebu Federation JPIA Week (September 23-29, 2019).

    FIRST PLACE in the Basic Accounting Exam Challenge 2019 TEAM Category

    Team: Butch Warren Hojas; Jonas Olivar;  Jesreel T. Dela Cerna

    Basic Accounting Exam Challenge 2019 INDIVIDUAL Category 

    • 1st place Butch Warren Hojas
    • 4th place Jonas Olivar
    • 8th place Jesreel T. Dela Cerna

    • SECOND PLACE in the Fundamentals of Accounting Practice Set Challenge 2019

    Team: Jenifer M. Villarin; Heizel Montecillo

    Photo Courtesy: Marwin Arnado, UV-JPIA Chapter President